Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Super Trips

When my dream came true, and I woke up with ability to move like the speed of lighting. I really did not know what to do. I always knew I wanted to travel, so I sat my mind at seeing the world.
Before I got caught and being locked up in this place I am now. I took a trip to New York and Vegas. I stayed in both places for about a week. I had so much fun when I was in New York. I lived my life like a city girl. It is true what they say about the big city, the city does not sleep. I spend my days shopping and my nights partying. I did not know anybody in New York, but I found out that money talks. When I was out partying at night I would pick pocketed all the males in the clubs, and spend there money in the morning shopping. The guys never suspected me, they did even know I had move. Each morning I would get a call telling that my cab with here. My taxi driver would take me to well known streets, so I could shop. I would spend some money, but I would also take what I like and if it was over price. Then New York started getting boring to me so I knew it was time to leave before I would do something silly.

When I arrive in Vegas it was dark and I though it was going to be a lot like New York, but it was not. There were so many casinos, and I wanted to go to every one of them. I never gamble before so I spend my first night learning all the different kinds of card games. My next day I was ready to have some fun. I map out my days, I plan which casino I was going to hit and how long I would spend in there. It was finally time to use my super powers to get rich. I started with the Royal Casino I sat at the table moving around as fast as I could looking at my player cards with out them even knowing. Within thirty minutes I had won over a thousand dollars. You know what they say money is the root of all evil. I wanted to see how much money I could get in one day. All I could see was green. That night I had gone to four different casinos and had made twenty thousand dollars. The next day I started early, I skip breakfast and made my way to the casino, sat at my first table and got start by six hand I was started feeling very tired, did not understand what was going on. I trying moving at lighting speed but could not, when I look at myself I was standing behind one of the players trying to peek at their hand she started yelling “you are cheating”, security look over at me and I start to run. But I can not use my powers because I skip on breakfast so I have no fuel to burn. I run out of the casino, and I notice I am not being chase anymore. So I stop running and go grab a bite to eat. While eating I decide that was enough excitement for me and decide it was time to go home.

When I got home there was a man waiting for me and he start yelling at me that he seen me, and that he knows I have super powers. He also told me if I did not rob these banks and bring him money that he would let the world know about me. I called the man crazy and ran off. Little did I know that this man follow me home and he would have the T.V reporters, scientist, and police at my door in the morning. Now I am over here at a dislocation expiring away.

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  1. That part about picking men's pockets and then spending it all in New York and Las Vegas is humorous.