Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I really did enjoy my English 111 class and teacher this semester. Paul Gasparo is a great person and nice teacher. I just wish I knew this class was going to be more of a computer base class. To anybody that is not a computer geek, maybe you should take ITE 115 first. You will be sending your assignments through emails and receiving emails from Paul about your assignments. I was okay with the emailing part of the class, the assignments that I dislike the most was the power point presentation. You have to speak in front of the class and I was not okay with that. Paul ways of teaching is different from most teachers I have ever had. Not to say his teaching is not a good way. But not everybody learn the same. Paul method of teaching is to make you try and figure it out on your on. Not to say he will not try to help you if you have a problem, he never answer you question directly mostly indirectly.This is okay sometimes if you understand the assignment, or have some kind of idea how to get started on the assignment. You are told where you can find thing and it’s up to you to find. One of the activities I like was the peer view were your classmates review your work and tell you what changes need to be done. I would take Paul class again he really pushed me to work hard because it was like I was working on my own and teaching myself as I was going. So you truly get the grade you deserved.

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